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50 years of design across North America.

Jenish House Design provides easy-to-follow house plans, designed in-house by our team. If you’re looking for modern, timeless, beautiful designs, we have something to match your taste. Design plans can be customized to ensure it’s the perfect home for you.

Purchase a plan online and send it directly to your builder.

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House plans, articles and inspiration.

Our books feature property plans in detail. They are ideal for those who prefer browsing through a book. Buy our latest book and flip through to find the plan that speaks to you.

Make it your own.

Interested in a double garage or an additional bedroom on the main level? All home plans can be customized to what you need in your home.

Another tool in a builder’s belt.

Are you a builder? Our homes are designed to meet specific market and homeowner needs. Browse our plans and let your clients know that each plan can be tailored to their needs.

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